The Joshua Tree Child Care and  Learning Experience! - The great "ah-ha!" moments of life.
The Ants
Our Young Toddler group (ages 18 months - 2 years) is dedicated to creating a safe, fun, and nurturing environment for our youngest learners.  Children will participate in regular Music, Art, Movement, and Science activities daily.  The class size consists of 10 children with a Lead Teacher and an Assistant Teacher.          
The Beetlebugs
Our Older Toddler class consists of a Two Lead Teachers and two Assistant Teachers.  Children participate in regular Music, Art, Spanish, Movement, and Science Activities.  This group introduces age appropriate concepts using our school themes.  There is also significant focus on early learning concepts such as shapes, colors, letters, and self-help skills through active games and other engaging techniques. 
The Caterpillars
Our Preschool class enrolls 15 children with a Lead Preschool Teacher and an Assistant Teacher.  Children participate in regular Music, Art, and Science activities.  Preschoolers in this class are introduced to developmentally appropriate learning such as letter and number recognition, development of fine motor skills, self-help skills, and the introduction to school readiness. 
The Dragonflies
Our Pre-Kindergarten class enrolls 10 children with a Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher.  Children participate in regular Music, Art, Spanish, and Science activities.  Pre-Kindergarteners continue to focus on developmentally appropriate learning started in Preschool.  Our Pre-Kindergarten teacher is dedicated to creating an environment that is stimulating and engaging for her class as well as prepare her class for Kindergarten.  We also work closely with Pre-Kindergarten families in the Kindergarten placement for the following academic year.